Ten Tips for Fire Safety

Smoke Detectors Save Lives
Smoke Detectors should be placed at every floor of your home, including your basement.  Since bedroom doors should be closed to slow the spread of smoke and fire, alarms should be installed in bedrooms as well.  For additional safety, dining rooms, hallways and utility rooms should also be protected.  Test batteries at least every six months.

Be Careful In The Kitchen
Don’t leave cooking food unattended.  If you must leave the kitchen, turn off the burners.  Never cook with loose, dangling sleeves.  Turn pot handles away from the front of the stove.  Keep stove clean of grease!

Smoking Is Hazardous To Your Health
Never leave cigarettes, pipes, or cigars unattended!  Don’t put ashtrays on the arms of sofas or chairs where they can be tipped over!  Use large ashtrays with wide lips.  Close matchbooks before striking.  If you're feeling drowsy, stop smoking.  Never, never smoke in bed!

Exit Drills In The Home
Plan your escape route.  You should have a primary and back-up route for each room.  Conduct home fire drills to practice getting out.  Remember when there’s a fire, reasoning and thought patterns may be affected.  If you practice, your memory and instincts may help you survive!

Watch Those Wires
Regularly inspect your extension cords for fraying.  Also, look for exposed wires or loose plugs.  Unplug extensions when not in use.  Do not plug more than one heat producing appliance in the same outlet.  UL-approved cords with built-in circuit breakers are safest.  

Put Lighters & Matches Safely Away 
Kids are naturally curious.  The mystery of fire is especially attractive to them.  Be certain that matches and lighters are not within easy reach.  Remember...curious kids set fires!

Place Space Heaters Safely
Make sure there is enough clearance...usually at least three feet in all directions of space heaters.  Never use fuel burning appliances like coal, kerosene, or propane heaters without proper vents to the outside.  These fuels produce deadly fumes!

Crawl Low In Smoke  (Stay Low & Go)
Fire is fast, hot dark and DEADLY!  How hot can a fire get?  So hot the air scorches your lungs!  So hot that furniture and appliances can explode!  Remember: in a fire, crawl on the floor where the air isn’t as hot.  Heat from a fire and its poisonous gases can kill!

Stop! Drop! and Roll!
If your clothes catch fire, don’t run.  The movement will only fan the flames! Don’t panic.  Just drop immediately to the ground.Cover your face with your hands to keep your face and lungs protected and just roll over and over until the flames are all out!  Remember: If your clothing catches on fire, “Stop, Drop, and Roll!”

Teach Children How To Call For Emergency Assistance
Post emergency phone numbers near the telephone:- Fire Department, Posice Department, Poison Control, Doctor Parent’s Work Numbers...and make sure children know what they’re for and how to use them.

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